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3 Branding Strategies to use!


Making the list of The World’s Most Valuable Brands by Forbes is a pretty big deal for companies. Branding in general isn’t always easy but these companies have excelled at differentiating their product from competitors. Branding will make or break your business.  We are proud to supply some of these businesses with custom, eye-catching kanopies for events all over the world and today we want to give you 3 branding strategies to use that big companies use too.

 Share Your Story

Brand story telling is the reason your business came to be. Sharing stories with people actually has scientific research that backs it up as being a powerful tool and one of the best ways to brand your business. Stories create trust and trust creates business. Here’s more on the research. What can you do to share your story? Get on Facebook and share what inspires your company or tell a visual story, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Be Present in Your Community

When you brand your business, you want to bring customers to you, this is your goal. We can’t think of a better way than being present in your community. Get out there and be known. If you can get your community to share their experiences with your brand, you will be in good shape.  A good way to do this? Generate hashtags on social media or create a video clip of glowing customer reviews. Here’s a great tool to get you started with video testimonials.

Stay Consistent

A cohesive brand image goes a long way. Look at Coca-Cola, a brand that has been recognized worldwide for decades. Every piece of their marketing works together in a beautifully, unified way. When we say consistent, we mean make sure that everything that has to do with your image or your brand enhances your image or brand in a cohesive way. How can you do this? Start with keeping your colors the same. Check out how important this is. Or come up with a social media schedule, create a consistent posting schedule so that your social media accounts don’t dry up. Hootsuite with help you get serious about your social media.