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After lots of clouds and rain, Denver has finally been enjoying sunshine and blue skies and it looks like we are lucky to enjoy that for the weekend as well. Summer may not officially be here but with Memorial Day officially in the past, everybody’s summer calendars have begun to fill up with festivals, markets, BBQs, camp trips, and vacations, right?

Although we all (or most of us) love the summertime, it is a notoriously slow time for a lot of businesses. Unless of course you’re in the ice cream business or you work at your local baseball field.

Keep reading for a few our favorite ways to add some heat to your marketing this summer.

Be Present At Local Events

Summer is the perfect time to interact with happy customers because outdoor events, festivals, markets, and games are all going on. Get out there and be present! Try to be as involved as possible-hand on flyers about discounts you’re doing or sales that will be going on. You can even step it up a notch by putting a custom canopy in the midst of your future customers. Think about all the great opportunities there are for you to put your business’s name out there-farmers markets, concerts, sporting events, festivals. They are all great options for you to put a face to your brand. Marketing at the local level might seem intimidating but we know you can be creative. Check out this site to explore more of the benefits to local event marketing.

Do As the Temperatures Do

Here come those hot temps. We all love the warmup but when the temperature gets hot, we all want to cool down. As a business, you can help us out! We know there’s all types of perfect summer promotional items that you can hand out-water bottles, drink cozies, and fans will all do the trick. Find a place in town where you can hang out and hand them out (like the park, beach, pool, lake, skate park, etc.) While you’re handing out the goodies, share your business’s story. They won’t forget about you, especially since you are leaving them with a branded goodie they can use the rest of the day. Speaking of cooling down, this is the perfect reason to have a pop-up canopy. Setting up for a festival or a farmer’s market, a canopy, like our Party Shade, is the perfect retreat. You will stay cool and so will people who stop by to visit your booth. Another quick and fun idea is to match your discount to the temperature. Be sure your place of business is nice and cool this summer or your customers won’t be coming in.

Celebrate Wacky Holidays

Of course, your marketing will be ready to go for the 4th of July & Labor Day but there are all kinds of days to be celebrated during the summer months. Some have to do with tradition while others are just plain ol wacky. Either way, you can have fun with this. It’s a great opportunity to create contests or create sales at your business. During summer, people are out on the town a lot. Make sure they remember your business as the place that has the most fun marketing. Check out all the wacky holidays in this monthly breakdown. With days like ‘creative ice cream flavors day’, ‘hot air balloon day’, and ‘national chicken wing day’, we are sure there’s gotta be something for everybody!

Say bye-bye to that notorious summer sales slump by increasing the heat on your marketing. Of course, use one of our ideas or be creative with your own. Be sure to share the fun you’re having with us!