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3 Ideas for your Small Business to Make Big Goals in 2019


Happy New Year! Most likely you are back to reality now that the hustle-and-bustle of the 2018 holiday season is over. Surely, it hasn’t been an easy transition but we know that 2019 has great potential to be the best year yet for you and your business, team, or school! Of course, with the New Year comes new goals and resolutions.

Perhaps you are thinking about all the new ways to organize your cluttered spaces: maybe your office, your garage, your kitchen? Or how about being more intentional with your health goals? Maybe you want to set a goal to travel more? The list goes on and on. Don’t forget to add your business to this list. Here are 3 of our favorite goals to work on in 2019


When you own a small business, your to-do list probably seems never ending. Just because there’s a lot to do doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself. If you do, you’ll end up exhausted, stressed, and even burned out. We don’t want any of those for your so we want to help you realize the importance of delegating. This way, you have a healthier balance between work and life. It may take more effort upfront but it will be worth it, we promise. In order to be a successful delegator you have to make sure that your employees are highly trained so that they can take over some of your to-dos. From there, if you clearly and precisely communicate your expectations you will be able to step back and even take that long weekend trip you had in mind for March. Here are 7 helpful strategies for delegating and getting more done.


When was the last time your website was updated? Is it mobile friendly? Take the time and the steps towards doing so. If your marketing hasn’t quite gone digital yet, 2019 is your year. Considering that over 200 million people used social media in 2018, starting there is a good idea! We really like this blog about ways small businesses can improve their social media presence. Check it out if you get stuck.


Businesses used to get away by saying that excellent customer service can just take place from behind a counter. Not anymore. With the way technology and the online world has changed our lives, interactions with your customers are practically transparent. Good customer service has gone from an added bonus to a necessity in the modern day business world. So, set your business up for success by being professional, being a good communicator, and listening actively. Demand it from your employees, your business will reap the benefits. And if you’re looking for any tips, our friends at Forbes have a few on this post.

2019 is going to be great. We are really looking forward to helping you and your business be known. Stop by our website for all of your marketing necessities!