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3 Questions to Ask Your Branded Tent Designer


Ready to pull the trigger on custom branded tents or canopies? Consider these questions before making your final purchase.

You know you need to purchase a branded tent or canopy, but making the final decision sounds overwhelming! Does this sound like you? If it does, you are not alone. For many individuals, purchasing custom, branded materials is a big decision, and understandably so! These items are long-term investments that not only represent your brand or organization but also need to fulfill a functional goal.

If you are finding it difficult to make that final decision, we recommend you ask the following questions to your branded tents designer or representative. These questions will help you feel confident that you are choosing a product that is prepared to fulfill your unique goals.

(NOTE: Can’t find someone to answer these questions? That’s an answer in and of itself! The right company will be ready and willing to answer your questions so you are confident in your purchase, and equipped to use your product. That’s the KD Kanopy promise!)

Question 1: “How long does production typically take?”

The turnaround time for your branded tent shouldn’t require months of advance planning! In fact, you should expect to receive your tent within a few weeks of ordering.

At KD Kanopy, we typically ship products within 2-5 days during slower months (November – February), and 7-10 days in the busy season (March thru October.)

While shipping your product is generally quite quick, we do recommend allowing yourself plenty of time to design the product, especially if you have never had your company name or logo on branded material before. Perfectionists at heart, we want to ensure you love how the colors, text, and material work together. That’s why we provide our graphic requirements front and center so you receive the best possible product, every single time.

Question 2: “What type of printing process do you use?”

We believe that the best branded tent designers will offer a few separate options for how your custom material is printed. That’s because different types of products require different types of printing styles to work effectively.

At KD Kanopy, we offer both digital printing and dye sublimation printing, depending on your unique needs.  Each of our printing processes has its own advantages depending on how often and where you would be using your products. For example, dye sublimation infuses the ink into the fabric that prevents scratching, while digital printing works great to prevent fading with intense sun exposure. Still uncertain which style is best for your needs? No worries, our customer service team has you covered and can recommend the best process for your project.

Question 3: “Do you charge for custom designs?”

This is a critical question to ask at the start of the design process so you know exactly what you are paying for! We believe that it is a best practice for custom printing companies to offer design guidance along with the creation of your branded tent. Because of this, we do not charge for reasonable assistance needed while you design your custom tent.

In fact, we offer templates for companies that want to create their own designs to make your design process as smooth as possible and can provide feedback on color schemes, logos, and fonts that work best with the product you are creating. Customization is king in the marketing world, and the benefits of having a differentiating feature such as a logo on your branded tents are hard to deny. Because of this, our team is happy to include input on your custom design so you can make the most out of your branded materials.

Making the Most of Your Branded Tents and Canopies

You put your heart and soul into your brand or organization, so we put our heart and soul into getting your name out to the world! At KD Kanopy, getting your name in front of the right people is what matters most.

If you have any additional questions about what it means to work with our team to create your custom branded tent or other custom application, reach out to us at any time. With the right knowledge and a bit of creativity, you are well on your way to creating powerful marketing materials that last for years to come.