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3 Tips for Designing a Logo that Works With Brand Accessories


Creativity is a big part of being an entrepreneur. From designing products your customers love to providing services that stand out in the marketplace, being a business owner requires a healthy dose of innovative, fun (and oftentimes, colorful!) thinking. What is one of the first creative steps of any new business or shop? Creating a logo that represents who you are and the people you serve.

Whether you know just the graphic designer to sketch your custom logo creation, or you plan to draw it out yourself, your logo is a vital marketing tool because it is a reflection of your brand. So while you want to ensure you have the shape, color and design established, keep in mind that for many companies, your logo isn’t only going to live on your website or your email signature. It may also live on a variety of branding tools, from tents and canopies to magnets and stickers.

Keep these tips in mind when designing a logo to ensure your brand is bright, vivid, and recognizable, no matter where your customers may find it:

Tip 1: Make it Scalable

We get it, the logo design you have in mind is epic, intricate, and contains a lot of small details. While this type of design may look great on a computer screen, chances are these small details aren’t necessarily going to translate well onto your canopy or tent.

Before finalizing your logo design, do a quick test by blowing the image to a larger size and taking a look at the image from a distance. Does it seem blurry, crowded, or hard to recognize? It may be time to simplify your design before giving it the go-ahead.

Tip 2: Make it Printable

One of the unique (and eye-catching) things about brand accessories are the variety of materials they are printed on. From fencing to table covers, there is a whole host of materials that may be used to get your logo in front of your customers. Ensure the logo you create is printer-friendly and ready to handle a variety of marketing materials.

We recommend checking out all of the graphic requirements before submitting your logo for printing to ensure the color and design is exactly the way you imagined it. A few helpful hints before hitting submit? Name the precise ink color or Pantone color you would like to see printed, avoid brush strokes smaller than .0625 inches to prevent detail loss, and indicate the scale in which you wish to see your logo enlarged. These items will help ensure we translate your logo into the best versions of brand accessories possible.

Tip 3: Make it Simple

There are situations where your logo is unique, reflective of your unique style and brand, and…. Way too complicated to print on brand accessories! If this happens, don’t panic. There is still a way to use your artfully crafted logo and find a workable alternative for your branding accessories!

Consider the option of simplifying your logo for large accessories, while keeping a more complex design for things like your website, email signature, and graphic applications that print well in full detail. At the end of the day, we want to ensure you are satisfied with how your logo looks (after all, it is the gateway to your brand!) Together, we can find a balance between usability, effectiveness, and the logo of your dreams.

Helping You Share Your Message

At KD Kanopy, our goal is to help you share your brand story with the world. We know every business is unique, and how you share your message will be unique, too. That’s why we provide a wide range of branding accessories that feature your logo, name, or slogan to help you connect with your customers, no matter where they may be.

From helping you create eye-catching designs to walking you through the creation process, we are here to support you every step of the way when it comes to designing your customized marketing and branding materials. If you have additional questions about creating a printable logo for banners, canopies, and more, or are ready to learn how unique accessories can promote your brand, reach out! We can’t wait to help you create materials that turn heads and impact your bottom line.