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For some of you, it’s still a dream, but for many of you, having your own business might be your reality. Getting this business up and running has been no easy feat and we applaud you. Now it’s time to turn this business into everything you’ve imagined it could be and we know you’re motivated to do so. We just entered the 3rd month of 2019, it’s time to make sure your marketing goals are being met. Marketing can make or break your business and today we are sharing a few tips to get the job done.

Use Branding Tools (from KD, of course)

Our selection of branding tools has something for everyone. We have more than canopies & tents at KD. Choose from a variety of options for your next big event. Our exciting graphic products help draw customers to your display or point of sale­. Maybe you would prefer a table cover or a patio umbrella. We also have an assortment of different types of banners, flags, graphic stands, etc. that will be sure to get you noticed. No matter the custom creation you choose, KD Kanopy is ready to help you promote your product or service!

Use a Custom Canopy (from KD, of course)

Our custom creations set you apart from the rest of the competition.  Think about the sea of canopies at an event. They all look alike, right? Your business needs to stand out. Using your brand, logo, colors, etc. we will help you get noticed in a big way. You can choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. We have over 20 unique designs to choose from. When you purchase a KD Kanopy you get it all—quality, ingenuity, and longevity.

Offer Freebies That Tell Your Story

Free sells. Everyone loves a freebie. Of course, it’s not just ‘free’ that leaves the impression. What leaves people wanting more is putting your story out there for people to hear. Give away a freebie at your next event that will remind people of your product or your service. When you do this, think broadly and creatively. Pens and pencils are commonly distributed freebies but you can do better. Maybe you are a personal trainer and your passion is bringing families together through exercise. Offer a free training session to anyone who brings a parent or sibling with them. With some luck, some of those family members will turn into new clients. Not a personal trainer? Think about a unique freebie that will capture what your business is all about.