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3 Ways to use your KD Kanopy tent


There are so many uses for your KD Kanopy tent, it’s hard to name just three. But these are the areas where folks need canopies most often. From the biggest trade show of the year, to your kids outdoor soccer game, you can never go wrong with a custom canopy. Read on for more canopy inspiration!

  1. Trade shows

Trade shows are a great way for your brand to be seen. Get out there and make sure you have the best looking branding materials at the show. A customized canopy with digital printing of your logo will surely differentiate you from the competition and the crowd will be flocking to you to see what your company is all about. Building brand awareness is a huge part of a successful business, and we love having a role in that.

KD Kanopy Tent

  1. Outdoor gatherings of any kind!

One of the best parts about the warm weather seasons is the festivals and being outdoors. There are plenty of reasons to get outside and shake things up! But the warm and often, unpredictable,  weather can also have you running for cover. Why not just get a tent that protects you from the elements? It provides shade when you need it, and protection from getting drenched by rain or snow! Not only will it keep you nice and dry, but it will also keep your product in good shape for say, a farmers market.

  1. Sports Events

Parents around the world gather for their kids sporting events and need shade while out in the elements all day. The athletes need a place to recoup during and after a hard game. No matter who is using it, a custom canopy is very much a useful item at any sporting event. Set up the water cooler under a canopy on a hot day for a refreshing break or set up on a rainy day for shelter when needed. It is also a great way to showcase your team name and logo and make the other teams jealous with how professional you look!

These are only a few of the uses you can get out of a KD Kanopy tent. What are some of the ways you use yours?