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5 Types of Promotional Marketing


When you have a business or you want to start one, the main goal becomes to get as many sales as possible. Here are 4 types of promotional marketing that can help you.

Offering free stuff

Everyone likes free stuff. For the promotion of a product, you can offer, for example, a guide that is useful and related to your field of activity. Or you can call for contests via Facebook – the winner will receive a free product or any other benefit you want to offer.

custom banners

Brand Your Company

Event tents, promotional flags, and custom banners with business logo can all be designed and created to showcase your brand and logo.

Advanced promotion through social networks

Nowadays, if you want to promote a product, it is necessary to be active in the online environment. Promotion on social networks is very common and very successful, because in the online environment it is the easiest to apply marketing strategies.

Google ads

Google Adwords is one of the best strategies you can use to increase your sales. The main advantage is that you can address directly to those who are interested in your product and ready to buy.

Email marketing

Newsletters with offers and information about your products can be extremely effective. The biggest benefit is the low cost of such a marketing strategy. Email marketing has the lowest cost, with measurable results, compared to other marketing campaigns (online or offline).