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5 Uses for Your Branded Tent this Spring (That You Haven’t Thought of Before!)


Put your branded tent to good use during these Spring inspired events and occasions.

Spring is in the air! With the promise of warmer weather, outdoor sporting events, and backyard picnics on the horizon, chances are you have some big plans for your branded tent. But before you consider giving your branding materials the weekend off, here are a few uses for your branded tent that you haven’t yet considered:

1.   Sorority and Fraternity Formals

Who can forget, spring is the time of connection and social gatherings, often represented by sorority and fraternity formals, and of course, prom! While many of these big events can benefit from a tent at the actual dance (ticket sales, anyone?), fundraising efforts often associated with these school events and organizations can also make the most of a branded tent. Whether you are letting the world know the charities your event is supporting and how they can get involved, or are using this time of excitement for recruitment into school groups and organizations, a branded tent is a bold and effective way to get your message out on campus.

2.   Art and Chalk Festivals

The start of spring in many regions symbolizes farmers’ markets, craft fairs, and beloved art festivals. Depending on where you live, spring outdoor festivals can mean sweltering heat or the chance of a few snowflakes, and a branded tent is the perfect way to keep artistic endeavors safe, no matter what the weather brings. Art (and chalk!) festivals in particular have the need for protection from the elements while simultaneously allowing curious passersby to sneak a peek.

(A pro tip for the artists out there: KD Kanopy provides a variety of graphic applications to let your artistic side shine in creative branding endeavors, even after the chalk festival has come to a close.)

3.   Spring Sporting Events

We all know that baseball, soccer, and track and field get a lot of notoriety during the spring. But we forget that there are a variety of other sporting events that take place in spring that can benefit from a branded tent, including golf and lacrosse. Don’t have any plans to watch spring sporting events live? What about a social gathering for March Madness, the PGA tour, or another niche sporting interest? A branded canopy or tent can boast your brand, (and even house a TV for those who need to keep a close eye on the score.)

4.   Spring Break Outings

Sure, a tent can be beneficial when hanging with friends on your spring getaway, but we have even bigger plans for spring break with your tent! Find out the events happening in popular spring break spots in your area (beaches, ski slopes, and parks or recreation facilities, just to name a few!) Exposure in these areas during peak seasons allows you to get your product in front of hundreds of potential customers! (Not to mention, the vacation-minded crowd is a great group to market to, because fun is often a top priority for this group of clientele!)

5.   Girl Scout Cookies Sales

Admittedly, we are saving the best for last…. A branded tent is an absolute dream for girl scout cookie sales. Keep the cookies (and your girls!) out of the elements, while providing a place for your customers to congregate. Whether you are helping your little entrepreneur sell outside the grocery store, or are bringing them to sell alongside your product at a festival or outdoor food event, you will get the added bonus of marketing your brand while you help promote cookie sales.

KD Kanopy: Branded Tents for Every Event and Occasion

No matter what your spring may look like, chances are a branded tent or canopy can be a beneficial way to foster connection, provide a refuge from unpredictable spring weather, and share your message with the world. KD Kanopy provides high-quality 10×10 custom canopy tents that cater to your unique needs, whatever they may be.

If you have additional questions about how which branded tent matches your needs, or how KD Kanopy stands out when it comes to durability and design, reach out! We can’t help you uncover the perfect branding material for every occasion.