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Imagine this (or maybe it’s your reality). You have your own business. You have worked countless hours to get this business off the ground. You’re excited & motivated to really get going & turn this business into everything you’ve ever imagined. Now, you need to market yourself. Get the word out, tell everyone about your product or your service. Marketing is a vital piece to owning your own business & there are a variety of ways to go about it. Today, we share 5 ways you can get the job done & of course, we at KD Kanopy are ready to help!

Invest in a custom canopy (from KD, of course)

We want to help set you apart at your next event with one of our custom canopies. Think about the sea of canopies that all look alike. Your business needs to stand out. Using your brand, our creation will get you noticed in a big way. You can choose from a variety of different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. We have over 10 different unique designs to choose from. When you purchase a KD Kanopy you get it all—quality, ingenuity, and longevity.

Choose a KD Kanopy branding tool

We have more than canopies & tents at KD. Choose from our other branding tools for your next big event. Our exciting graphic products help draw customers to your display or point of sale­. Maybe you would prefer a table cover or a patio umbrella. We also have an assortment of different types of banners that will be sure to get you noticed. No matter the creation you choose, KD Kanopy is ready to help you promote your product or service!

Open Up Office Hours

When you market, you want to connect with your audience, right? Connect directly by offering some Q + A time.   Use Facebook, Google+, even Twitter chats to connect with potential clients in a meaningful way. Let their questions reveal what your product is about. Off to a slow start with this? Ask some friends who have interest in your topic to ask some questions and get the ball rolling!

Offer Freebies That Tell Your Story

Everyone loves a freebie. Free sells. Of course, it’s not just ‘free’ that leaves the impression. Getting your brand’s story across to your audience, and beyond, is what leaves them wanting more. Give away a freebie at your next event that will remind people of your product or your service. But think broadly and creatively. A writing tool is a commonly distributed freebie but you can do better. Maybe you are a personal trainer and your passion is bringing families together through exercise. Offer a free training session to anyone who brings a parent or sibling with them. With some luck, some of those family members will turn into new clients. Not a personal trainer? Think about a unique freebie that will capture what your business is all about.

Do Anything You Can To Stand Out

More than likely, your brand faces some type of competition with other brands. Be the brand people remember.  Being different or creative just for the sake of being noticed isn’t good enough. By adding a little uniqueness and creativity here and there, your brand will stand out. For example, find a creative way to do your business cards. Make them an extension of your business, don’t settle with the plain ol paper business card. Or you can amp up your blog! Take advantage of marketing online. The relatively inexpensive potential of going viral is pretty high. Even if you don’t go ‘viral’, connecting with clients online is great. It reminds them of what makes you better and hopefully turns them into brand enthusiasts!