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Our company aims to help you attract customers to yours. We will help your brand come alive when you chose to have us create a kanopy for your business. But, we don’t stop there. Not only will we provide you with a tent that will last and give a good return on your investment, but we also have a variety of accessories that will compliment your kanopy in a show stopping way.

This week we have been showcasing companies that have the complete set up, kanopy and all. Here, we are sharing a little bit more about each accessory that we offer so that you can outfit your kanopy and wow the crowds.

Side Panels  help enclose your kanopy, channel traffic flow, and provide extra protection from the weather. It’s a great way to add some versatility to your StarShade, Majestic or PartyShade tent. Hooking the side panels on to your kanopy is quick and easy with the hook-and-loop attachments but for an extra cost, we can make your side panels with zipper attachments. Choose from 17 bold colors or have us custom print your logo to the panel.

Rail Curtains  will also give you that partial enclosure and will help channel traffic but they also allow customers to see inside your tent. They stand 30” high and are easy to attach with brackets and telescoping rails that will work with 5’, 8’ and 10’ kanopy leg spans. Again, choose from 17 bold colors or have yours custom printed.

Our custom table covers  will leave a lasting impression on your customers. They are collapsible, fully fitted and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Choose from 4’, 6’ or 8’ and 17 different colors, or of course, have us custom print for your set up. Like the rest of our branding products, the table covers are water-resistant, fire-retardant and UV-protected. Don’t be setting your awesome product out on a drab table any more.

Chalet Tops  are the perfect way to add pizzazz to your pop-up tent. They are compatible with any of our 10’x 10’ pop-up frames, making them a popular choice. Choose your fabric to be a solid color or custom printed. Either way, the fabric is a one-piece skin that extends the entire length of the legs and is strong, lightweight, water-resistant, fire-retardant and UV-protected.

Weight Bags ensure the stability of your kanopy and are specially designed for this use. Our pop-up, portable canopies need to be properly secured and you need to protect your investment. These weight bags do just that in a simple way. Don’t bother with finding soft enough ground to stake your tent in to, weight bags let you set up on any surface. Choose from our 2 variations, water or sand filled, both weighing 30 pounds when full.

Our hard case  will protect your kanopy frame while you take it from place to place. Not only does it help protect this investment during transit but it is a great way to store it while it’s not in use and it is UPS-shippable so you know your frame will arrive to its destination unharmed. It is tough, roto-molded polyethylene, has easy to hold handles for carrying or rolling and will fit any of our PartyShade pop-up canopies.