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Today is the last full day of summer. With fall officially starting tomorrow, it’s time to take advantage of an incredible special we are running until November 30th. With this special, you will get a custom printed Party Shade with your choice of a free 6’table cover or an 11’ single sided banner to match!

This deal is guaranteed to make your branding vision a reality. Add your logo or your brand name to the canopy top and watch it come alive as you set it up! This one-piece canopy sets up in a matter of minutes. It is truly the perfect solution for consumers or businesses. You get to choose the size of your canopy, the colors & the graphics. We offer the Party Shade in 3 different sizes. Choose from 10’x10’, 8’x8’ or 5’x5’. Each size has its advantages, you can’t go wrong! It all depends on how you want to brand your business or team.

Add to your display by choosing between a free 6 table cover or a free 11’ single sided banner.  Our table covers are an easy way to set up your products in an attractive way. Ditch the beat-up folding table and opt for a custom KD table cover. Like the Party Shade, you can choose from up to 17 color options or have your custom printed with our logo or chosen graphics.

If your business doesn’t use a table much, you can opt to choose the free single sided banner with this special. These free-standing banners stand 11’ tall and are sure to catch your customers’ attention. We can digitally print your logo to the banner to make your display stand out even more. They are the perfect branding tool to set out in front of your store, auto dealership, restaurant, bar or even at special events. With minimal assembly, these banners can be set up within 30 seconds and can be used both indoors and out.