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A Man Walks Up to a KD Service Bar…


Have you all heard our favorite way to start a joke? It’s a twist on a classic. It goes like this… “A man walks in with his bar, sets it up in minutes & starts attracting clients…”. The best part about this joke? It isn’t joke! Our KD Service Bars are available right now for your next (hopefully soon) get- together.

This custom bar set-up will make your brand or company come alive. Each bar is equipped with a cooler, shelves, and an umbrella. This might be our most fun way to get noticed by your future clients. The list of potential places to set up a service bar is pretty long-we’re thinking barbeques, tradeshows, patio bars, tailgating events, or promotional gatherings. Even though not all of the events are possible right now but we know eventually they will be, even if they look a little different.

The custom option allows you to stand out even more than you already will. Full-color graphics are a given but you can add logos and graphics as you see fit. Worried about storage? No need. We give you a wheel bag that your service bar can collapse in to. To make it even easier, our service bars are ready for business within 10 minutes. The easy set-up is one of the reasons why our customers rave about their bars.

Considering we are in the middle of the hottest part of the year, a cold drink in the shade sounds beyond refreshing. Especially as we approach the weekend! Show your bar off outside & don’t be afraid to set it up in the sun. The digital printing won’t fade and the waterproof drop-in food-grade cooler can be used by itself.

The fun continues when you decide to add accessories. Visit our website to order your bar today!