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A Quick Way to Add Pizzazz to Your Canopy


 Our line-up of unique canopy designs will help you stand out in the crowd, no doubt. Each of our canopies comes with a sturdy, top-of-the-line canopy frame and your choice of top. When choosing the look you want for your business or team, our choices are sure to fit your needs.

Our Chalet Top  is a quick & easy way to put a new face on your pop-up frame. This canopy accessory is compatible with any of our 10’x10’ pop-up frames. A one-piece fabric skin, it goes on easy and the look is dramatic. The fabric covers the entire length of the legs. And just like our other canopy tops, choose from a wide selection of bright colors or have it digitally printed with the graphics of your choice. Having the fabric extend down the canopy frame legs means you have more space for graphics, whether it’s your business’ logo or your team name. Of course, the fabric we use for the Chalet Tops is of the same quality as our entire selection of canopy tops.

This strong, lightweight, water-resistant, fire-retardant, and UV-protected top is an exciting way to dress up your canopy. Visit our website to do your holiday shopping today!