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A Testimonial Worth Showcasing: Florida Dairy Farmers


Did you know that June is National Dairy Month? We thought we’d milk it for all it’s worth by showcasing this testimonial from our wonderful clients, the Florida Dairy Farmers.

“This past year, Florida Dairy Farmers celebrated a 30-year partnership with University of Florida. Just outside the stadium, FDF staff spread the dairy message to thousands of UF supporters at Fan Fest. Under the blue and orange branded tent, popular activities included enter-to-win contest and giveaways.”-Florida Dairy Farmers

Just as they mentioned, the Florida Dairy Farmers utilize their pop up canopy at events. It’s a great way to get noticed, especially if it is where you include contests and giveaways. Their canopy is really great, yes, but so is the company. Dairy farming families from all over Florida, 130 of them to be exact, have been paving the way to fresh and healthy milk for years. Farming is hard work, but don’t let me be the one to tell you that. Meet some of these devoted and hardworking dairy farm families here or maybe you want to meet the cows, we guess they’re pretty important too. Meet them here.

This organization works to provide not only fresh milk and dairy products but they are also committed to nourishing their surrounding community through education and marketing. They, along with the Dairy Council of Florida, are active in Florida schools by providing curriculum kits to educators for free. This way, students in Florida are exposed to nutrition guidelines and health expectations. FDF is also active in local retail stores where you can find them personally offering promotions and giving ideas about where milk is found at the grocery store or how dairy is displayed to customers. People in Florida love their sports teams. By using players from the NFL as their spokesmen or collaborating with the Gators, FDF uses this excitement about sports to their advantage. Their marketing tactics are well thought out and creative. FDF has a fantastic, happy, website full of resources, recipes, and information that will brighten your day.

Remember, a great way to grow a business is to capitalize on national topics or holidays. This may be something like National Dairy Month, The 4th of July, Autism Awareness month, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, the list goes on and on. It’s the perfect time for your business to get creative with marketing. Offer discounts and promotions that tie to a specific theme for the month. Maybe you decide to ‘bundle’ your savings with multiple discounts around the holidays. Check out this site for a breakdown of holidays and topics each month (or day!) that you can use to add some flair to your marketing.