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Affordable Marketing Ideas for Your Business


In the past, efficient marketing was tied to a huge budget, therefore available only for the largest marketers. Fortunately, this is no longer the case – here are some inexpensive ideas that can boost the success of small businesses on a shoestring budget as well:

  • Advertising on social media – social networking platforms offer great, sophisticated tools that marketers can have access to for a small fee or for free. These tools can boost the marketer’s effort to reach out to a much wider target group quickly;
  • Search engine optimization – every business needs a website these days, what’s more, every business needs a properly optimized website. The activities related to achieving proper optimization are aimed toward offering a superior user experience through relevant content and attractive appearance and will also improve the website’s ranking on search engines for the most relevant keywords used by target groups in their searches;

promotional flags

  • Indoor and outdoor business signage – company branded promotional flags or banners, A-frame displays, channel letters are still among the most effective ways to attract customers to your business. Physical signage is more expensive than online advertising, but the effort is surely worthwhile;
  • Vehicle branding – decorating your commercial vehicles with your logo, slogan and contact information is also a great, affordable marketing tool.