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At this point, we are only about a week out from April, the month that historically brings springs showers so we can enjoy those May flowers. Keep this in mind when you take your canopy outside for your events.

The tops of our KD Kanopy canopies take the biggest hit when it comes to wet weather & it’s important to know the difference between water-resistant & water-proof tops. We have recently rolled out a new fabric, we upgraded to a 600 Denier Oxford Polyester. Just like our other fabrics, it is water-resistant. What do we mean by this?  They are ready for a light spring rain. The water-resistant finish on the fabric allows the water to bead up & drizzle off the canopy top, leaving your products & brand information dry underneath.  If more than a light rain is in the forecast, you may want to take your canopy inside. A heavier ran can cause problems not only for the canopy top but the frame as well. The water weight will compromise the integrity of the frame & your canopy just won’t be the same.

Now, in case of those heavy rains, a water-proof tent is a tent is going to prevent the water from penetrating. Waterproof technology is what you would expect from a camping tent, not an event tent. To keep your  KD Kanopy lasting longer, plan to use it when a downpour is not in the forecast.

Of course, we are always happy to help if you have any questions about our canopy tops or other products. Don’t hesitate to contact us!