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Are Feather Flags Really Needed for Your Next Big Event?


Feather flags are one of the most effective promotion systems, both for indoor and outdoor, and can be printed exactly the way you want. Feather flags are often used for advertising at social events, sporting events, shops, malls, showrooms, bars, restaurants, cafes, theaters, airports and stadiums.

When you use feather flags, you make sure that the location of your business is visible from a distance, and that they will attract the attention of any passer-by. If you use feather flags with high quality graphics and an effective branding message, installed at the entrance to the location, they can create a funnel effect, capturing the street traffic and directing it to your location.

KD Kanopy

Like other products designed and manufactured by KD Kanopy used in advertising, the flags can be personalized according to the needs of each customer, they can contain from the general color to the logo, images or marketing messages associated with your company. Feather flags are extremely effective in promoting your business and helping with branding. In fact, this is the main reason why so many large companies use them in advertising.

Compared to other classic forms of promotion, feather flags represent one of the most affordable options. They have a visual impact immediately after they have been installed, and you will be able to recoup the expense in a short period of time.