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Back to School with KD Kanopy


It’s almost August and dare we say it (gasp) – the kids are getting ready to head back to school! You had a whole summer of pie-eating-fireworks-lighting-smores-making fun under your KD kanopy tent with them, so it’s hard to believe that they won’t be lounging about the house aimlessly any longer. But wait: that doesn’t mean you guys have to pack away the tent for the rest of the year.

Before you start accusing your favorite tent of being a fair weather friend (literally), we at KD Kanopy have come up with a few ideas for utilizing your tent during the school year. Who says you can only have fun during the summer? No really – who says that?

  • Track meets, soccer games and football practices (oh my!). Just because the kids are heading back to school doesn’t mean the temperatures are letting up any. Keep your kids cool under the shade of a Majestic or PartyShade for their next track meet, practice or tournament. Did we mention custom graphics to show some team spirit? Sorry – air horn not included.
  • Work Functions. Finding and reserving a pavilion for your “team bonding exercises” can be a pain. Save yourself the hassle (and your sanity) by grabbing a coworker to set up the StarShade for your next not-at-work-but-still-working forced outing. If you have a larger group for the egg toss and sack race, the StarTwin can shade 685 square feet of co-workers.
  • Outdoor Concert. Aspiring artist? Troubadour? Beatles cover band? You’re going to need a cool setting for your next gig. Forget the dive bars and concert halls – we’ve got something better. The StarStage is good for acoustics and aesthetics no matter how unknown your band is.

Whether it’s some extracurriculars, work outings or a launching pad for the next Justin Bieber, KD Kanopy has you covered. Literally. Drop us a line and see what a KD Kanopy tent can do for you.