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Be Cooler Than Your Competition with a KD Kanopy This Summer!


Our favorite time of year is coming up…summer! Just thinking about it makes us happy. You too, right? Hoping this summer isn’t as different as last year. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that we all get to enjoy some summer events together. Since some locations around the country will be opening up for summer business, now is the perfect time to be sure that your business is ready to shine during the summer months. Just think – farmer’s markets, beer festivals, concerts, parades and events at the park, doesn’t that sound great? Hopefully we all have good vibes, we will get to enjoy these together in some capacity. And keep in mind, at KD Kanopy, we strive to make sure your investment in one of our branding tools can’t be beat. We know there are a lot of options out there, and we are excited that you are choosing us. Need a canopy for this summer? Here’s 3 quick reasons to consider one.


Your canopy will be a landmark at events. Create a space with your canopy where people will stay & visit, perhaps do some networking and of course, enjoy your product. Your space will collect passerby’s, especially if you happen to be pouring adult beverages at say, a beer festival? No matter your product or your event, your canopy will provide your patrons a place to hang out. Make sure it is inviting & comfortable.


Unpredictable weather is usually the norm for the summer months. We might be under sunny and hot skies on minute and then windy and rainy the next. One of our custom canopies will make sure both you & your product is covered up.


We saved the best for last on this list. Stand out at your event with a custom canopy. This is where the fun starts. We offer custom printing so you can display your brand logo, business motto, team colors or anything else that will catch the attention of people this summer. We make it easy for you to be remembered by people passing by.