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Calling All Party People: The Partyshade Canopy


Spring has officially started and mother nature is already  acting up. From blazing hot temperatures to snow to gusty winds, it can get difficult to plan for your outdoor events.

Unless, that is, you’re prepared. We know you like to get outdoors, spend time with friends, family, and maybe even co-workers! But how can you plan for all of these weather elements at your next gathering? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered.

You’ve probably seen or used our StarShade 400 canopy orStarTwin 685 for your events with bigger numbers: weddings, grand openings – maybe even a county pie eating contest. They did a good job of saving that outdoor wedding on a rainy day, right? The good news is, aside from making our unique and larger tents for companies and groups to stand out in a crowd with, we also make smaller tents for everyday use. These are are budget friendly, everyday kind of tents. The one’s for your outdoor gathering or party! It is party season after all. This is where the  PartyShade canopy shines. And the best part? It only takes 30 seconds for two people to set up.

Sure, having a StarShade 400 for every occasion would be great, but maybe you just don’t have the space for it in a small backyard or on the sidelines of the little league game. Maybe you’re a business going to tradeshow with only a small booth space allotted. Either way, the PartyShade uses water resistant, fire retardant and UV Protected treated fabric, so you can use it anywhere and anytime you want.

Go ahead, let out your wild side and get your own PartyShade.