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Canopies & Signs for Schools and More


Quality canopies and banners are a must for your school, sororities and fraternities. Let us educate you on the value you get from a top of the line canopy! You want to put your best face forward when representing your school, so don’t settle for less than stellar canopies and banners.

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With all the activities and events that take place in high school and college, it is crucial to provide shade and protection from the elements. You can get a custom branded pop up canopy for your school or university, no matter where you are at in the world. Our canopies are all commercial-grade and use the sturdiest materials so they will withstand much abuse from set-up and transportation.

Whether you are the student government welcoming new students to campus, the radio station doing a remote, the school team promoting an upcoming game, or a fraternity or sorority looking for pledges, KD Kanopy has the right instant canopy or digital signage to fit in your budget. We offer full digital printing. Use our online canopy builder to see what your own custom canopy would look like. There are so many options to choose from, you’ll never

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