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Celebrate the Right Way: Bring KD Kanopy Along for Your Next Holiday


Ah, Independence Day: sparklers, apple pie, BBQ, lemonade, fireworks, funny looking American flag pants. We love the holidays! The 4th of July is coming up in just a few days – do you have plans? Maybe you’re having the neighbors over to enjoy your new grill or you and your friends are heading out to the park for a bit of frisbee action and fireworks.

If you don’t have any plans just yet–or aren’t sure what you want to do to celebrate this Monday– we’ve got a few ideas to make your Independence Day the most patriotic, fun, and fire works-y ever. Unless you’re in Antarctica, chances are you’ll be encountering a bit of sun when you spend the holiday outdoors. You can either grab a bucket of sunscreen for the family or, wait: your favorite KD Kanopy tent can keep you cool in the shade. May we present, for your Independence Day planning, our list of the Top 3 Uses for Your KD Kanopy Tent this 4th of July.

  1. Nothing is more American than apple pie except maybe an apple pie eating contest! Who wants to eat pie with the sun beating down on them? Nobody. That’s why you need your trusty KD Kanopy! Of course, you could always just eat a single piece and not a whole pie – we’re okay with that too.
  2. Horseshoes, croquet, washers – there’s an abundance of games you can play that don’t require much space or set up. Grab your family; grab a StarShade and pick your favorite outdoor activity to spend some quality time together for the holiday.
  3. What’s your favorite summer beverage? If you said lemonade, that’s the answer we were looking for! Nobody likes warm lemonade (unless you do); keep the lemonade (and your friends) cool under the shade of your favorite KD Kanopy tent.

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, rainy or sunny, we here at KD Kanopy hope you have a fun and safe holiday weekend!