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Why Choose KD Kanopy for Your Shade Canopy


Brand loyalty. It’s something car owners, soda pop drinkers and shoe brands know a lot about. But pop up canopy companies? You might think one canopy company is the same as the next, but try telling that to the guy whose canopy (and all of his art work or promo material sheltered under it) just went tumbling across a field in a gust of wind. Whoever told you all canopies were created equal had never used a KD Kanopy.

shade canopiesBut what could make our shade canopies better than the first product you pull up on Google? For one, KD Kanopy isn’t just some online store selling products out of some warehouse overseas. Ask us exactly where our canopies come from and we’ll tell you right here in Westminster, Colorado. If your shade canopy arrives in the mail with damage, you’re not just stuck with a busted product – we’ll fix the problem and pay for you to ship it back to us. That’s a little something we call “customer service.”

Aside from our customer service and accountability, KD Kanopy offers something that tent from a box at your local hardware store doesn’t: quality. There are only so many ways to “reinvent the wheel,” but at KD Kanopy, we make it better. With 27 years experience in the canopy industry, we know what our customers want and need in a product. If you want something more than a generic canopy that’ll only last through one use, then we’ve got it. In fact, we’ve got different sizes, shapes, colors and – did we mention? – custom printing.

Whether you’re a professional tailgater, small business owner or a brand looking to branch out, KD Kanopy is ready to help you stand out in the crowd. Check out our website today to see our line of pop up canopies and shade canopies for yourself.