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Choosing An Effective Banner Design


teardrop banners

An outdoor banner is created specifically to attract attention, but this only happens if it is made according to some rules. The purpose of a banner, besides informing and obtaining an effect from the public, is not to disturb visually but on the contrary, to have a nice design that makes it easy to be noticed, and the information on it should be easy to read and to remember.

Aspects to take into account when choosing a design for outdoor teardrop banners include:


If your banner will be exposed in traffic, in a place where people do not have time more than a few seconds to look at it, then your message must be extremely short and concise. If the banner is in a very crowded area, competing with many other banners, it will have to be totally different from the rest, by the uniqueness of its design and the clarity of the message.


If your banner will be displayed in a dimly lit area, then you will need color contrasts. Another option is to use vinyl so that the light of the cars, for example, is reflected in it, making it more visible.


Keep things simple in the design of your banner, so that it can be easily read. Choose a representative image, maximum 2 nice and readable fonts and summarize your message in a few words, or in the form of a short sentence.