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Clever Strategies for Restaurant Marketing During Covid


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The COVID pandemic has made it hard for many restaurants to survive and has sent many out of business. The restaurants that have survived probably share two very important qualities: the ability to adjust to changing situations and the ability to reinvent themselves. If you need some inspiration to keep your restaurant afloat, here are some clever tips that you can use:

  • Sell not only meals, but cocktails as well – providing cocktail options with your dishes is a great way to help your customers replicate the experience of having a fancy meal in your restaurant, but in the comfort of their home;
  • Provide kits, rather than ready-made meals and include the cutlery, too – many people are happy to cook restaurant-grade meals in their home, but they don’t have the resources. If a customer orders rare steak with crunchy vegetables, provide the raw meat, the veggies, the plates and the cutlery in a kit and attach cooking instructions and a phone number to call if further guidance is needed;
  • Host online cooking classes – this is another great way to stay in touch with your customer base and to help them feel better in their isolation. When the pandemic is over, they will surely return to your place to share their cooking experiences.
  • Consider providing cozy outdoor dining custom event tents for intimacy and health safety.