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Cost Effective Ways to Provide Shade for Outdoor Dining


custom canopy tents

Your outdoor dining place is surely a place where people look not only for entertainment and a way to spend time together safely, but also for some shelter from the heat of the sun. If your outdoor area can do with improvement in the form of shading, but you cannot or don’t want to invest a substantial amount of money into the upgrade, here are some cheap solutions for you:

  • Add umbrellas – these umbrellas are affordable, they come in a wide range of colors and styles and they are made from durable materials that will allow you to use them for long years. The solution is also mobile, allowing you to set up your umbrellas wherever you want;
  • Install a pergola – the structure can be permanent or retractable, it can be made from solid wood, plywood, metal and fabric and it can be a standard product or a feature executed to your design. Pergolas can also be fitted with lights to make the space underneath even more comfortable;
  • Use outdoor custom canopy tents – these tents usually consist of a top installed on poles and it creates a space that is shaded, but has sufficient air movement to ensure thermal comfort.