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Custom Printed Tents vs Online Promotional Products – Which Is More Effective?


Setting up your business for success is not always an easy task. Most often than not, you’ll run into a lot of difficulties, and if you have the misfortune of choosing an uninspired marketing strategy, you might even waste a lot of money for nothing. Still, there are some strategies that work pretty well and may even take your business from the status of unknown startup, to that of one of the best known companies in your area.

commercial tents

Going to events and using custom printed commercial tents and other props featuring your logo to promote your business is a practical strategy that often works very well. You can attract new clients and businesses that are genuinely interested in working with you. In many cases, you’ll also get added attention at job fairs, where you might run into some of your best and most dedicated future employees.

A better strategy, however, is to combine your event-based strategy with promotional online products that you can give away for cheap or even for free. Ebooks and access to podcasts can be made available for new subscribers, and you can use your following to promote upcoming events and contests, as well as to poll your audience to find out what people might want from your business. This approach works very well with one based on events and custom event props, and you’ll find your company can really take off once you start to use them.