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Different Types of Banner Branding Tools


We are talking more and more about online promotion, display campaigns either through Google AdWords or through Facebook Ads or other networks. Banners have and still play an extremely important role when it comes to marketing and promotion.

Because a picture says more than 1,000 words, banner ads can have a greater impact on the click action and are easy for the human brain to remember.

A web banner is a graphic, rectangular display, posted at the top/ bottom, left or right of a web page. In general, banners are based on images, rather than text and have the role of promoting a product, a brand, a service through another host site (blog, online newspaper, forum, website). In most cases the banners are “delivered” through advertising servers, but can also be delivered in person through codes, downloads, etc.

teardrop banners

But banners are not just for online business. Have you thought about how a banner’s location relates to advertising? The key is maximum visibility. At exhibitions, for example, eye catching teardrop banners can be visibly displayed at the back of the stand and in front of the table. You may also be able to place your banner at the entrance or somewhere inside or outside the location, although this may incur additional costs and fees, but may be worth it if you get additional exposure.