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Digital printing or Screen Printing: Which is Better?


One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “What’s better: digital printing or screen printing?” The honest answer is…neither. While both printing processes can give you the end result you want, it’s almost like comparing apples to oranges. If you’re considering printing on your next canopy, check out these tips to determine which method would work best for you.

  • Is your company logo simple? Are you looking for something with just two or three colors? Then screen printing could be the way to go and prove to be more cost-effective.

  •  Are you an artist? Or is your brand bold? Digital printing uses “inkjet type” printers capable of printing complex designs, photographs and colors on your entire canopy top. If you want to show off your work or stand out in a crowd, digital printing might be the best route to take.

  • One important determining factor in digital versus screen printing is budget. In general, digital printing is more costly than screen printing. Because one of the main costs associated with screen printing are the screens themselves, by reducing colors or cross-purposing screens, we can help lower the cost of your screen printing project.

Both screen printing and digital printing can produce high quality canopies, but determining which kind of printing is the “right one” depends on each canopy and customer. To view our entire line of pop-up tents and canopies – and to learn more about getting your own custom printed canopy – visit our website.