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Does Online Marketing Make Custom Offline Promotional Products Obsolete?


The advantages of using online marketing over traditional (offline) marketing are mainly those related to access, information, communication to the customer and measuring the effectiveness of that ad. The Internet is also less invasive than traditional marketing. People can ignore ads by skipping them or marking sites to view them later.

Greater audience potential

One significant advantage that businesses have with their online marketing is their ability to reach more customers. Marketers have online access to millions of consumers, both nationally and internationally. It is also much easier to reach these customers, and you can do it for much less money, than in the case of traditional marketing.

branded canopy tents

On the other hand, offline promotion campaigns also offer a number of advantages, including better credibility in some cases, the transmission of the message in areas (including consumer categories) where the Internet has no penetration. Consider using eye catching branded canopy tents at street fairs or marketing events. Although it may seem outdated, offline advertising has evolved enormously and continues to yield results.

The two types of marketing should not exclude each other, as the best campaigns tend to be those that combine online and offline promotion tools.