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Farmers Market Pop-Up Tent: Getting Ready for Spring


canopiesWith spring just around the corner, it’s time to start planning. Whether you’re a local farmer, a vendor or even a baker who wants to showcase your goods, the spring and summer months are prime times for farmers markets. Depending on where you are, this comes with a new set of considerations beyond just what you’ll carry. Yes, we’re talking about pop-up tents. Before you start thinking of the coming harvest, think about everything a pop-up tent can do for you during the upcoming farmer’s market season.

  • A shady place to wait. If you’re stand is a popular one, patrons might have to wait a few minutes to make their purchase or they might even spend a bit of extra time mingling with you. Whatever the case, you’ll want your stand to be inviting (and shady) with the right pop-up tent.
  • Promote your business. These days, farmers markets are more than just local farmers selling their extra produce. Some of them may be part of a local co-op or some may even own a local storefront. That means there’s likely a name, logo and a website behind the group to promote. To help you stand out in the crowd, consider a custom canopy with digital or screen printing.
  • Shelter from the elements. Weather might be a science, but that doesn’t mean a sudden spring shower won’t come out of nowhere and ruin your baked goods on display. To protect you and your product from the springtime weather, try a pop-up canopy.

Farmers markets are becoming a popular option in cities and suburbs. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself – and your produce – consider all of the benefits a pop-up tent can provide. To view our entire inventory of canopies, visit us online.