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Friday Feedback from Bikers for Christ


There’s no better way to end the week than with a shout out from a happy client. We love to lead this industry because we get to help your business come to life. Thank you for continuing to trust us as your #1 provider of branding materials. We are looking forward to hearing more from our past, present, and future clients but for now, we  want to tell you more about  Bikers for Christ, a current client and motorcycle ministry in its 29th year.

“Bikers for Christ has been very blessed throughout the ordering process to the receiving of the canopy. Linda went above and beyond with her exceptional customer service with helping pick the right canopy for our needs. She redesigned the layout to work with our ministry. The quality of the canopy is beyond what we thought. We are grateful for our first purchase, so we ended up buying another one. And the service was beyond exceptional. Great company to do business with.”

-Bikers for Christ

These guys and gals, who are based in the tri-state region of PA, NJ, and DE but have members all over the United States & overseas, are focused on reaching the motorcycle community for Jesus. What a fun way to spread the word – by rumblin’ around on their bikes! 

As respected members of the motorcycle community, BFC shares the sincere love and truths of Jesus with others and is always looking to bring more Christian men and women in as members. If you’re not in to becoming a member, you can still make a big difference by donating here. If being a member is more fitting, follow their lead here.

 We are looking forward to seeing BFC and all the good stuff they’re doing in the days ahead. We know that with a motto like theirs, “some wish to live within the sound of church or chapel bells, we want to run a rescue shop within a yard of hell”, they are destined for some strong impacts!