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We’ve said it a handful of times before and we will say it again, we have the best clients. We are really proud to lead this industry and meet incredible people and companies along the way. Today we wanted to take the time to feature an extra special client whose mission is based on empowering and motivating athletes of all abilities. Team 360  is a non-profit that focuses on working and training with people, no matter their ability, to be able to actively participate in running and other mainstream multi sports events.

We recently created a bold and vibrant way for them to put their name out in their community. These custom banners, tents, and table cover are sure to catch the eye of anybody who passes by. And honestly, we hope they attract everyone because their mission is just that good.

Being able to be an active participant in sports like running or biking may be something that a lot of us take for granted. There is a unique population of people who aren’t able to tie up those running shoes or pedal for miles upon miles. This is where Team 360 steps in. By becoming a wingman, you will help make it so that everyone, no matter their ability, can be an active participant.

Team 360 is a dedicated team who works together to participate in all types of events-5ks, marathons, biking events and triathlons. Their amazing team of volunteers, donors, and wingmen help this company be successful. If you live in the Eastern Shore area of Maryland be sure to join their adventure, get in touch with them here, we know they would love for you to become part of their family.

Speaking of family, we are humbled to have this company join our KD Kanopy family and are excited to see what the rest of the year (and those after) bring them!