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It’s time to spook your customers (in a good way) with a few Halloween-themed marketing ideas. This is a great time of year to get the attention of your customers in a simple, fun & perhaps spooky way. Here are a few ideas for next week!

Offer a Discount

It’s not necessary to have a reason to offer a discount or a good deal but it’s always fun to attach one to a holiday. When you do this, the deal seems to stay with the customer & it makes it feel more special. Like the example below, try to “scare” your customers into a good deal.

Host a Costume Party

Everybody loves a good costume party, and holding one at your place of business could be a win-win. You could create a theme for the costumes or have a contest for ‘most creative’, etc. Offer snacks, drinks, & prizes to get people in the door. Advertising for this will boost your marketing and get the name of your business in front of people. Remember to use social media or hang flyers around the neighborhood.

Partake in Trick-or-Treating

We can’t think of a better way to increase the foot traffic to your business. Host a time (on Halloween or the day before) for customers to bring their kiddo over to your business for some trick-or treating. Hand out candy or small toys and of course, include some type of coupon or discount to give to the parents. This way, they’ll come back to see you soon.