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Hittin’ the Road: It’s Tradeshow Time


With a diverse lineup of tents, we’ve also got equally diverse clients. With clients like parks and recreation departments to wedding planners to national corporations, our tents have covered (literally) a lot of cool events. There is practically no occasion where a tent is not a welcome addition. After all, the saying is “made in the shade,” not “made in the blistering sun and rain.”

Since our tents go everywhere and do everything, we at KD Kanopy have decided to do the same. That means we’re hitting the tradeshow circuit once again.

Next stop? The Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida. We’ll be camping out here until the 10th while we liberally apply sunscreen and show off our tents.

Before you ask: why is a canopy company going to a surf expo? KD Kanopy tents don’t come in a neat little box with instructions on “how to use” because there is no one way to use it. That means a surf shop or a surf competition or just a surfer could use a tent. Now it’s our job to show them how.

Once we’re done in Orlando, we’re hitting up two more tradeshows by the end of the year. Along the way, we’ll be spreading the good word about our custom canopies and sharing some pictures of the action with you. Stay tuned!