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How KD Kanopy Provides Invaluable Insight into Your Custom Banners and Branded Creations


Branding questions on your mind? Our team at KD Kanopy is here to help.

Your products and services have been perfected, your website is up and running and you have big plans for getting your organization’s name in front of the right people. The only thing left to do? Order your custom banners, canopies, or other branding material to get your message out to the world!

While purchasing the right marketing supplies may sound like a walk in the park, the process can be filled with questions like “What products do I even need?” “Is the design for my custom banner or tent up to par?” or “How many promotional materials do I need for my upcoming marketing event?” If you have found yourself unsure about how or what to purchase, you are in the right place. Our team at KD Kanopy is equipped to answer any product-centered question you may have and ensure you are receiving the right branding materials, right when you need them.

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Product Insight

Let’s face it, there is a wide range of branding materials to choose from. Understanding your industry, target audience, and where you will be using your custom banner or marketing material will help you to set yourself up for success.

For example, if you are needing materials for a product-based business that has a storefront, graphic applications, packaging, and stands can create an ambiance and vibe when customers enter your space. Conversely, those who primarily sell or advertise at farmers’ markets, concerts, or public spaces often benefit from custom banners, canopies, and tents (for easy set-up and take-down.) Additionally, a special event or marketing campaign may benefit from additional branded accessories, so go ahead, tell us about your product and promotions! We can shed some light on products that have performed well in the past.

Design Insight

If design isn’t your forte, but you are still in the market for top-of-the-line branding materials, our team has you covered. We are here to provide advice on font, color, design, and more to ensure your message is clear, direct, and effectively displayed on your custom banner or branded material.

A good rule of thumb for whatever you are designing is this: make readability your number one priority! That means keeping your designs simple, your colors bold and bright, and only including necessary text. (Understanding how your logo can be incorporated into your branding materials is a great place to start the design process!)

Quantity Insight

For smaller, fun, promotional materials that you plan to give away or include with a purchase, it can be challenging to know how many promotional materials are necessary. Our team is here to help you understand what these materials will be used for, and provide insight into how many stickers, magnets, or packaging materials are needed for a particular event or a specific marketing push.

Additionally, we can make recommendations on other accessories that get your name (and your products!) in front of the world without buying too many (or too few!) of the items you will be needing most.

World-Class Custom Banner Support

At KD Kanopy, we believe in doing more than simply selling you custom branding material. We believe in providing the insight and inspiration you need to create custom products that help you accomplish your business and branding goals. Whatever your question, we pride ourselves on providing world-class customer service so you are confident that the products you are purchasing are in line with your marketing strategy.

If you have any questions about how to effectively order KD Kanopy products, or how we assist you in creating custom products that will last you for years to come, reach out to us at any time. We can’t wait to support you in all of your promotional product needs!