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How Street Fair Booths Can Benefit Your Business


Gastro festivals, wine festivals and street fairs are becoming increasingly frequent these days – today, almost every neighborhood, every small town, every village has its own fairs and festivals. Consequently, renting a fair booth at such events or having your own booth that you move from one event to the next is a great way to invite lots of people to get to know your brand, therefore a great advertising tool as well. Here are some benefits that your booths can offer you:

  • A great opportunity for networking – using your booth either to sell your products or to present your services is also a good opportunity for socializing, for talking to each one of your future customers and for establishing personal contact with them. To strengthen that initial bond, you can hand out free product samples or free refreshments and you can ask for the contact details of interested visitors;

example of custom table covers

  • Branding – using branded unique custom table covers and wearing branded clothes are also efficient ways for creating the mental link between your logo and your product or service and the booth is an excellent venue for all these.

Don’t forget about the importance of the follow-up – contact the people who expressed their interest and gave their consent to receive communication from you, otherwise you risk being considered arrogant.