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How To: Accessorizing your Pop Up Canopy


With screen and digital printing, side panels, rail curtains and table covers, KD Kanopy knows a thing or five about making your custom canopy. While we make the screen and digital processing an easy one (heck, we do all the work ourselves in house), installing side panels or rail curtains will take a bit of effort on your part.

Luckily, we designed all of our accessories with as much ease of use in mind as our pop up canopies. That means you won’t be standing around for five minutes scratching your head wondering “how does this work?”. Luckily, we’ve also got an active YouTube account with videos walking you through the set up process for most of our products. Want to know just how to set up those side panels? Or how a rail curtain bracket works? There’s a video for that. Check back for more videos, more blogs and more ways to make your business stand out in a crowd.

Since 1984, KD Kanopy has manufactured high-quality, custom pop up canopies and digital signage for a wide-range of corporate and casual clients. Our products are easily customizable with digital or screen printing. Looking to stand out in the crowd? Go to KD Kanopy for your custom canopy needs.