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How to Design a Business or Personal Logo


As we already know, a logo represents your brand, through shape, color and image. It must be distinctive, appropriate, practical, and graphic, with a simple shape and a clear message.

step and repeat banner

How to design an effective business or personal logo?

  • A step and repeat banner logo should be as simple as possible, to be easily recognized.
  • A logo must be memorable. You have to decide whether you want to integrate the company name, if the name allows you to do so, or to integrate an illustration of a product/ service you provide and make the potential clients familiar with what you do. Research among existing companies in the same field as yours is very important, in order to come up with something different and unique. If your company has already established a personal color scheme, it is important to use it in the logo.
  • A logo must be made for the future! Even after several years (or even decades!), your logo must successfully represent your company.
  • Avoid trends. If your logo is already well-known, it is not a good idea to change its design, as you risk misleading existing customers or even losing them.
  • Last but not least, it must be suitable for your brand and for the field in which you operate.