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How to Invest in Custom Event Tents the Smarter Way


To make a smart investment in a custom event tent, you need to know your needs (type of event, number of guests, areas needed inside the tent, etc.) and the types of tents available. You can buy a tent that really fits your needs and avoid wasting money.

custom tents

Here are some examples of custom tents you might want to take into account:

Pagoda tent

A Pagoda tent is probably the best fit when it comes to a wedding. These products can be lined up to form a ballroom location or create different areas (one for the tables, one for the dance floor, one for the kitchen…). Pagoda tents have an incredibly versatile structure that can be put together to create visually appealing areas for any event.

Marquee tents

The “marquees” offer an elegant alternative to the standard fixed structure tents currently on the market. They are an attractive solution that creates a strong impact for any event and are easy to decorate, allowing any style, from minimalist to the most opulent. It all depends on the event’s theme and the style you want to create. Marquee tents can be joined together to create different shapes that fit f your event and the available space.

Dom tents

Dom tents are closed, which makes them great for winter events. They are unique and creative spaces and can be used in countless ways. For corporate events, Dom tents are impressive. They allow you to visually convey your ideas through multimedia nodes and branding solutions, and mobility and feasibility throughout the year.