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KD Kanopy: Accessory Video & A Special Not To Be Missed!


As many of you know we recently unveiled our new website along with our You Tube channel, which is packed with great content showcasing how to set up several our tents. You can check out the full line up here.

This week we are highlighting our accessory video! When it comes to placing the finishing touches on your canopy we have suggestions to meet any need.

The Rail Curtain and Side Panel brings professionalism and finish to any tent, which can help make your canopy stand out and help drive traffic and potential leads to your business.

The Side Panel option can be easily created with hook and loop velcro. Just attach velcro to the scissor bars. Or, with the new style- just run the velcro across the bottom of the canopy top to attach, which allows for an extended length.

Rail Curtains use a telescoping pole with easy to attach clamp brackets, also ask about our fitted table covers to finish off your booth in style!

Watch it in action, here!

And don’t forget to check out our specials this week for the service bar, which is on sale for $429. It’s perfect for parties and beach events, tailgating and of course breweries and bars. The price includes a portable custom print skirt, portable umbrella, custom print top and a rolling bag!