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Do you love a good prank? One that leaves you with a good memory & is harmless, of course. Who doesn’t? April Fool’s Day is a magical advertising holiday and with the end of March creeping in this weekend, Monday will be here before you know it. Time to join in on the fun and rev up your marketing campaigns with funny, smarty & engaging pranks for your audience. A good April Fool’s Day joke is the perfect way for people to see the fun side of your business, as long as you stay classy. Here are a few of our favorite pranks courtesy of a few of our clients.
Oskar Blues Gets Sued

Ska Brewing, out of Durango, CO, teamed up with Oskar Blues out of Longmont, CO for an April Fool’s joke through a press release. The release announced that Ska would be pursuing litigation over Oskar Blue’s use of Ska in its name. The president of Ska Brewing mentions in this made-up press release that “It’s right in the middle of their name, like we wouldn’t notice as long as they put an ‘O’ at the beginning and an ‘R’ at the end. Well, we’ve noticed now”.  The completely fake image seen above was included in the ‘press release’. This joke had us laughing pretty good and we know their bromance will carry on.  

The Chocolate Whopper by BK

Last year, Burger King was in on the fun yet again as they advertised the Chocolate Whopper, a decadent chocolate cake burger patty (flame-grilled, of course) with raspberry syrup instead of ketchup, white chocolate rings instead of onion rings, candied blood orange slices in place of tomatoes, milk chocolate “leaves” of lettuce,  vanilla frosting instead of the traditional mayo all on a cake bun. The commercial  for the dessert version of the signature Whopper burger got us good & will have you fooled too. Maybe. 

Dunkin Donuts Nut Taps

If you remember the SNL Dunkin Donuts parody ad  with Casey Affleck featuring “Vanilla Nut Taps” you will be sure to appreciate this April Fool’s Day campaign. For one day only, Vanilla Nut Taps were available at participating Dunkin Donuts across the country. The donut hole treat was a blend of an old fashioned glazed cake with vanilla buttercream filling, butternut topping and vanilla frosting drizzle on top.