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KD Kanopy Offers the Best Canopies & Excellent Customer Service


Not only do we have the best canopies around, but the best staff as well! We are so thrilled when a client comes to us with a wonderful account of how well they were taken care of. Take a look at what Steve of Exile Skimboards had to say about our very own Kami Knight.

Hi Ian,

I have been working with Kami Knight over the past 2-3 days trying to sort out some accessory parts for our StarShade 400, as FedEx was so kind as to lose our poles, stakes, etc right before our biggest event of the year.  Kami has been timely, polite, extremely prompt and even more so helpful.  I can’t praise her enough for my experience in working with her during a minor emergency for us.  We are having the parts expedited to us now to have before the weekend.

I asked Kami to give me her supervisor’s email address, and she guided me to you.  I hope this reaches you well, and you feel comforted that you have an employee that is going the extra mile to help their customers.

Have a wonderful week.

Kindest Regards,

Steve Taylor

Operations Manager

Exile Skimboards LLC



Without employees like Kami running our business day in and day out, we wouldn’t be nearly as successful as we are today. So thank you Kami for all that you do and thank you to Steven for the kind words!

Customer service has always been a top priority and we couldn’t be any happier with the team we have built here.