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KD Service Bars: A Customer Favorite


“A man walks into a bar & orders a drink…”. It’s how so many good jokes start, right? We added a twist & we like our rendition better (and think you will too). “A man walks in with his bar, sets up in minutes and starts attracting customers…”. Oh, and our version is no joke. Our KD Service Bars are ready for your next party!

Market your brand or company with one of our custom bars that come with a cooler, shelves, and an umbrella. We can’t think of a better way to get noticed by your future customers. Your product is sure to be the center of attention when it sits atop of one of these. Think of all the places they could be used-at barbeques, tradeshows, patio bars, tailgating events, or promotional gatherings.

Choose to customize your service bar to stand out even more. Full-color graphics are included when you invest in a Service Bar. And, we even give you a wheel bag to store your service bar in. It’s too easy! Talk about easy, these bars require minimal assembly, you don’t need even need tools! Just give it 5 minutes of your time and voila, you’re ready to turn some heads.

Iced cold drinks outside sound delightful right now as temps soar higher in the summer time but don’t fret, our Service Bars are made to be used both inside and out. Our digital printing won’t fade in the sun and the waterproof drop-in food-grade cooler can be used by itself.

The fun continues with choices for optional accessories. Add a grill table with a matching printed cover or a set of 4 folding stools with printed seats. The options for our Service Bars are endless, whether the food and drinks are or not. Visit our website to order yours today!