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Know Your Custom Canopy: Screen Printing


If you look through our website enough, you might notice that most of our custom canopies are available with screen printing. What exactly is screen printing?

Aside from the branding opportunity screen printing offers on your pop up canopy, it is also a reliable option if you’re looking to keep your custom canopy around for a while.

When we screen print a canopy, we heat the fabric to 1,000 degrees and then spread the ink onto the screen before placing it on the fabric. Once the ink is on the fabric, it is heat cured. Why do we heat the fabric before applying the ink to it? By doing it this way, we ensure that the ink is pulled into the weave of the fabric and not just sitting on top. This helps prevent chipping, cracking and peeling over time.

If you’re looking for a simple custom canopy to help your business stand out on a crowd, consider getting your next pop up canopy screen printed.

Since 1984, KD Kanopy has manufactured high-quality, custom pop up canopies and digital signage for a wide-range of corporate and casual clients. Our products are easily customizable with digital or screen printing. Looking to stand out in the crowd? Go to KD Kanopy for your custom canopy needs.