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Make Your Marketing Spring!


Spring is coming. It’s one week away! Denver has had some unseasonably warm weather. It may not last much longer but we are loving it. It’s been a pretty chilly winter, nationwide but let’s not let us get in the way of our spring fever! The first step in getting over the winter blues is springing our clocks forward. Now that that’s done, we can plan on. Before you know it, your calendar will be full of all your exciting summer plans. So, let’s put some spring into your marketing for the next couple months. Here are some ideas that are sure to jump start your sales.

March Madness

Selection Sunday is this weekend! The date is set for March 15th and then the hustle of completing and submitting brackets will take over. This tournament is exciting, even if you aren’t a huge basketball fan. Cheering for your hometown team, watching upsets, winning your work-based bracket is all fun. Bring it to your business by incorporating brackets. Have your customers/clients fill out their own and give away gift cards, promotional items, or something else to get them excited about your business. But be ready. This might bring your business lots of traffic!


There is no shortage of holidays in the next couple months & they can help drive your marketing strategies or help you create themes. Here’s a look at the upcoming holidays:

St. Patrick’s Day is Tuesday 3/17

 The First Official Day of Spring is Thursday 3/19

April Fool’s Day is Wednesday 4/1

Easter is Sunday 4/12

Tax Day is Wednesday 4/15

Take your Child to Work Day is Thursday 4/23

Cinco de Mayo is Tuesday 5/5

Mother’s Day is Sunday 5/10

During these holidays think about running specific specials aimed at your target audience, have contests or create events to build traffic around these days.

Do a Spring Clean

Most likely, you won’t be offering cleaning services. Unless that’s your business’s main service of course. For a spring clean we are thinking more about cleaning out some old inventory. To make room for all your 2020 spring and summer goods, get rid of older items that are taking up space. Offer discounts, buy-one-get-ones, coupons, etc. When people see you cleaning out the old, it will get them excited about the new. Maybe this is a good year to take this idea up a notch and do a good spring clean on your marketing in general. Forbes has some quick tips here for how to do so.