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What could help spread that festive vibe more than snow flying in the air on December 21st? We know. Holiday marketing campaigns. This time of year, marketing really takes off. Since Halloween ended nearly 2 months ago, companies have been preparing to wow the masses with ads that spread holiday cheer. Last year, we shared a few of our favorite holiday campaigns & we are back at it this year. They are sure to inspire you or just help you enjoy getting in the mood of the season!

Starbucks & their holiday cups are one of those unmistakable signs that the holiday season is upon us. Since 1997, Starbucks has donned its customers with this festive marketing campaign. It’s the perfect cup to go along with their tasty holiday beverages. This year, their holiday cups returned with a new look, their first ever color-in holiday cup “intentionally designed to encourage customers to add their own color and illustrations”. Couple these festive & creative cups with the “Give Good” theme, written on this season’s cup sleeve, and you have yourself a jolly way to spread holiday cheer.

Coca-Cola will always be one of those companies who gets into the holiday spirit through their contagious and nostalgic marketing campaign. Santa has been at the forefront of their holiday campaign since 1931.  He has been seen drinking bottles of the famous Coca-Cola in his festive holiday outfit, sitting in front of a Christmas tree with popular toys, and listening to children’s Christmas wishes. This image of Santa, red suit and all, connects with us every year. Even though Coca-Cola fully denies the claim that Santa wears a red suit because Coca-Cola’s brand is red, it has certainly helped their holiday marketing campaign. We don’t know about you, but when we see Santa drinking an iced cold Coca-Cola, we know Christmas will be here soon.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company helps makes the holiday season more festive with their collection of premium chocolates. Their scrumptious chocolate squares are the spotlight for their holiday marketing efforts. Enjoy plenty of gift ideas, recipes, coupons and crafts from their website. And of course, make sure you save room on your shopping list, or on your dessert plate for their seasonal peppermint bark.