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Marketing Ideas for Mother's Day


Many of us will be celebrating a well-deserved mom come May 14th which means just about everybody will be spending money. Of course, places like flower shops, spas, restaurants & salons are the types of places that may pop into your mind first. But, with some strategy & a little creativity, businesses in any industry can you this holiday to create a jump in their sales. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

 Create an event. Make it easy for kids to walk through your store to pick out items that their moms will love. Of course, offer them a discount or have a low-priced area just for the kids to shop. Most likely, this strategy will bring in a spouse or someone else that may be looking for a gift.

Giveaways. Who doesn’t love a good free gift? People will flock to your shop at the chance for a free gift or offer. Increase your sales on Mother’s Day by giving every mom who visits your store that day a special something. Use social media to let people know when & where they need to be. Use this strategy as a way to get people into your shop & then strengthen the relationship you have with your them.

Use nostalgia. Evoking memories goes a long way. Everybody loves to look back on old photos, so why not use them to drive consumer engagement? You can create a “specific mom” hashtag to use on Twitter or have consumers upload funny old family photos & vote who has the best one. These strategies will help make that emotional impact.

What are other fun & exciting strategies you have seen to make mom melt? We want to hear about them! (Comment below) No matter what marketing strategy you decide to use this year, make sure it’s special & enjoy your Mother’s Day.