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Neither Rain Nor Sleet Can Stop the StarShade


We know we tell you how important it is to protect your shade canopy from the elements. Gusty winds, torrential downpours and snow can all leave their mark on your canopy. But after a happy customer recently wrote in to tell us just what his shade canopy put up with, we’re proud to say just how durable our products are.

shade canopyTodd Erskine, owner of Recreational Equipment, Inc. in Seattle, Washington, had some kind words to say about his StarTwin:

“It’s been great. We’ve used it (StarTwin 685) at a total of four events, including once in strong winds, and once in a driving rain. It has performed admirably, and we are very pleased with the investment. We really like the unit and what it does for us from a branding perspective.”

Ideally, you should use your shade canopy in clear conditions with low winds and no precipitation. But for some of you – the rock climbing, kite boarding, mountain biking ones – you can’t always control the elements. For those times, you can rest assured that your KD Kanopy element is not only going to hold its own, but look good in the process.

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